Technical Lead

20 Jul 2016

When I became tech lead of the TweetDeck team in mid-2016 I spent some time thinking about what I expect from a lead and, using that list and other brilliant resources, the behaviours and attributes I hope to exhibit.

This post is a sort of check-list: I return to it periodically to make sure that I have recently paid some attention to everything on the list.

These days I am a tech lead on the GraphQL team, and my name is on some other internal projects in a leadership role. The teams are bigger; so is the scope for success or failure. This post was edited in 2018 to reflect that change.

What do I want from a lead?

How should I behave as a lead?

Within the team…

Outside of the team…

And, at all times, optimise for happiness.

What are my responsibilities?

I think of GraphQL as product team and, as a result, this list significantly overlaps with what I perceive to be a Product Manager’s responsibilities:

Of course, I’m also on the hook for some code but where possible I shouldn’t be on the critical path, or in a position where my unavailability affects others.